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iTAL is a process of food production that adheres to dietary guidelines set forth in the Bible.


    it's painless

    A company wishing to apply for ital certification can fill out an application online giving the company name, contact information and the nature of the product/s the company produces. Soon after, the company will be contacted by a ital coordinator specializing in that field to guide and service throughout the process.


    this is the fun part

    A iTAL representative of SOTRO will be sent to inspect the facility, define the necessary actions and procedures needed for the company to be certified iTAL. The costs for operation and iTAL certification will be assessed on the basis of the review.


    we are a non-profit

    Costs depend on the distance the representative travels, frequency of visits required, complexity of the task and the number of products. After inspection, the iTAL Coordinator completes a report and any issues are addressed and resolved


    extra work for sacrament

    After a contract is approved and signed, a company receives its iTAL certificate. Note that additional certification is required for Sacrament certification.


How much do you charge?

This is an excellent and reasonable question, but like any customized service, the cost will depend on your exact needs. To know for sure, contact us for a free, no-obligation, friendly consultation and quote. To get a better idea of what is involved, read on… But do keep in mind that one important IC principle is that we don’t link our fees to product sales volume. Our flat fee pricing lets clients grow with no strings attached.

The simplicity or complexity of the product

(from a iTAL perspective, not necessarily from a manufacturing one) will play a major role in the costs and requirements for ital certification. And while meat-based products are by far the most iTAL-complex, other foods require far less intensive activities.

Will the product need full-time or occasional oversight?

This is something that will become clear as you consult with the iTAL certifier. For example, a private label product can sometimes be produced only once a year, and therefore the equipment re-iTAL process will take place only annually. By contrast, a daily production line used for perishables may need a re-iTAL almost every week, if the line is used for non-kosher products in between. This leads us to the question: Is your facility dedicated to iTAL products only, or does the product share a line with non-iTAL items?

Any questions left?

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