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Ital seals are a informative tool

We are a legitimate Ital certification organization that issues the ITAL Certified and iTAL Conscious seals of approval to qualified products and services. Our motto is to cultivate love, reverence and respect for all life forms, through propagation by practice of an Ital lifestyle.

The seals are used by those companies that adheres to the principles of Ital as per the guidelines, and provides a product or service that meets the criteria. A certified ital product assures customers that they are supporting an earth friendly business with a conscience.



Meets the criteria of 100% organic (non-GMO) and 100% vegan (non-animal based).


Is our "made with" category and is the area where the bulk of packaged foods will fall


Sacramental use of Cannabis in celebration of the Rastafari faith

iTAL Diffrence

  • What is Rasta


    Rasta in the strictest sense of the word, follows a code of discipline that cultivates love for life and nature in all it's untouched forms.

  • What is iTAL

    Natural and organic is crucial to Ital consciousness

    The foundation of Ital consciousness is laid upon a botanical roots– (roots meaning origin)– and cultivates a deep reverence for all lifeforms. It describes the Rastafarian Faith, lifestyle and culture, but in particular their diet, hence Ital foods.

  • Our Motto


    Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food. Ital is vital.... It would appear to some, that ital is a general term for Rastafarian vegetarian food, but in reality, ital is Rastas unique way of preparing their cuisine. It's their roots gourmet to be exact, and a sacrament for the temple, the word used by Rastafarians to refer to the body.

Our Process

iTAL certification

The backbone of any iTAL certification program is reliable supervision. Depending on product type and production mode, various levels and frequency of iTAL supervision are needed. We’ll help you figure out what is needed, how often, and to what extent. For example, bottling spring water requires very little supervision, whereas food products requires much more supervision.

Labeling Review

Your agreement with the IC gives you the right to use the IC symbol on packaging, product labels, and ads in accordance with our guidelines. To protect consumers from confusion and to protect your business from costly mistakes, we review the planned use of the Seal-K symbol for each product before you send it to print or use it online.


We ensure that iTAL procedures and supervision have as little impact on production schedules as possible, if at all. After understanding the procedure you will be able to schedule the IC procedure and the iTAL run in a matter that suits your needs. We do our very best to respond to queries and issues in a timely and efficient manner.


Making your facility iTAL for the first time, or as needed on a recurring basis, is a job for our iTAL supervisors. We’ll explain every procedure of cleaning, steaming, heat-purification, and other means of changing items to iTAL, what can and can’t be iTAL, and how to protect the facility and maintain its status as long as necessary.


The certification process includes a close examination of supplies, ingredients, and every food or chemical item in the kitchen. This includes maintaining a list of acceptable, current certifications of product components sourced from commercial manufacturers. When necessary, we’ll help you find suitable sources (and back-up sources) of iTAL ingredients to your liking. Be assured that proprietary information will remain confidential.


When everything is ready, we’ll provide a certificate of iTAL status for your files and for display in your facility or online, to let your guests know that the food served is produced to the strict iTAL standards of the SOTRO. Bon appetit!

  • iTAL Certified seal

    The ITAL Certified seal is color coded green, and is the ideal standard in which a product or service meets the criteria of 100% organic (non-GMO) and 100% vegan (non-animal based). This is the highest quality certification we offer.
  • iTAL Conscious seal

    The iTAL Conscious seal is color coded gold, and signifies that a business or product is manufactured with over seventy-five percent (75%) organic ingredients and absolutely no (0%) animal by-product or GMO's. Just because an ingredient may not be organic, doesn't mean it contains genetically modified organisms.
  • iTAL Sacrament seal

    Rastas believe that the Tree of Life mentioned in the Bible is the marijuana plant and that several other biblical passages further promote its use, such as “Thou shalt eat the herb of the field” (Genesis 3:18), “Eat every herb of the land” (Exodus 10:12) and “The herb is the healing of the nations” (Revelation 22:2).
  • iTAL Certified seal
  • iTAL Conscious seal
  • iTAL Sacrament seal

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